Credit without a job

But: Can you get a loan even without a job? Without a job it is not easy to get a loan. But who knows what is important, has a good chance that the loan request can come true.

blank credit

blank credit

If you are unemployed or just looking for a job, you are missing not just a job, but also the cash you need. The easiest way to get started is quickly with a loan. But: Can you get a loan even without a job? If you do not have a job, you have no fixed salary – and every well-known house bank needs this as a fixed basis.

From a banking perspective, the occasion is quite simple and is reflected in the procedures of the credit institutions, be it a domestic or a foreign subsidiary. If you do not pay a loan or have regular repayments and arrears, the house bank will terminate the loan and then confiscate the loan amount.

The easiest and cheapest for the banks in this case is the seizure – only: If there is no attachable salary, that is bad. In a seizure, the house bank has no security to reclaim the borrowed capital in any form and never to get back.

Of course, this is the worst conceivable application case from the bank’s perspective. Foreign credit institutions granting loans in Germany – often advertised with advertising titles such as “Kredit ohne credit bureau” or “credit bureau-free credit” – also tie the granting of these loans to a fixed-interest loan, because here, too, wages would be confiscated and demanded as collateral become.

The remark “creator-free” is a purely promotional trick – because they do not exist abroad, so it is not dismissed. However, foreign loans are granted both to the Germans and to persons living in the home country of the National Bank: a fixed salary must be proven which must have a sufficient amount.

Otherwise you will not get a loan. There is only one type of loan without work: this has the character of an interest-free loan, but only partially.

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