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You can borrow from Andiance, even if you are not a client. In Germany, the mortgage business of Andiance is in great demand. Andiance does not provide loans, but only offers its own loans.

Customer experiences + details on the products of Andiance

Customer experiences + details on the products of Andiance

Andiance Lebensversicherungs-AG grants loans with a fixed interest period of 5 to 40 years, from 26 years as a full repayment loan. The borrower can repay Andiance Lebensversicherungs-AG’s annuity loan initially at an interest rate of 1 to 4%. Andiance pays a 0.1 percentage point discount on the borrowing rate for a repayment loan of 10 years or more.

In addition, Andiance Lebensversicherung has a contractually agreed prepayment right for a premium of 0.03 percentage points. The customer can also submit a request for an annual fee loan via the intranet. In addition to the conventional annuity loan with interest and repayment, the mortgage lending of Andiance Lebensversicherung is also available as a loan with a repayment lock (eg through life / pension insurance, home savings contract, etc.), term credit and full repayment credit.

In the year 1890 the Andiance insurance AG took up its activity in Berlin. In 1922 Andiance Lebensversicherungs-AG was founded in Stuttgart. Andiance is a leader in Germany with its death insurance.

Test results for Andiance

Test results for Andiance

The mortgage business of Andiance can look forward to receiving an award in the new year: Unlike direct providers, our Andiance customers can obtain comprehensive information on building finance in one branch. Andiance does not arrange lending, only own financing. Andiance does not provide a minimum loan; the selection depends on the needs of the respective client.

With the April 2014 issue, the company pays good placements to Andiance (categories “Long-term financing” and “Home purchase with KfW promotional loans”). For the alliance disappointing: In the overall standings, she could only take a scarce rank. The tests have been divided into four groups: If you are looking for a real estate loan with a fixed interest rate of 15 years and an interest rate of 70 or 90 percent, you are in good hands with Andiance. With us you are right.

The nationally renowned company FMH with financial expert Max Herbst came to the conclusion that Andiance has the best possible customer offer in both areas. The fact that a mortgage type test can only be a rough estimate for the consumer is also shown by the other Andiance performance. Founded in Munich in 1889, the Andiance Group has become the world’s largest insurance group and one of the largest financial service providers.

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